November 16, 2012

xoxo, gossip girl.

This is my 1st post in I think over a month, and let me tell you, its a post with some real quality.

Favorite Character:

Blair Waldorf

Least favorite character:

Bart Bass

Favorite Episode:

Victor, Victrola

Favorite scene:

It's a tie between a happy favorite scene and a sad favorite scene:


Top couple:

As always, Chuck and Blair

Worst Couple:

Dan & Blair. EW!

Best Hook-up:

Nate and Serena kitchen sex scene.

Best Party:

Saints and Sinners Party where Chuck and Blair come out as a couple in front of everyone.

Favorite Outfit:

Best Line:

Favorite Moment:

Saddest Moment:

when Blair finds out she lost her baby. TEARS.

Funniest Moment:



Best Guest Star:

Hillary Duff

Best Scheme:

When Blair cracks Diana's secret book that leads them to find out her secret.

Most Dramatic Moment:

When they find out Bart is still alive!

What you hope to see:

A flash forward. It's already been leaked that there will be a Chuck and Blair wedding (happy dance) (which I'm hoping isn't just a Blair dream, I will die) but I want to see a flash forward to see them with little Chair babies!

Favorite Series Song:

"Dancing On My Own" - Robyn, played during this scene 

Favorite Villan:

Favorite Season:

Season 3.

Best Bromance:

Nate and Chuck

Favorite Quote:

Blair: Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.

What shouldn't have happened:

Blair should never have married Louis.


Top Friendship Moment:

Biggest fight:

Blair and Serena fight at Yale.

Favorite non-main Character:


Scene that makes you mad:

When Chuck sleeps with Jenny Humphrey. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Worst hook-up:


Best Kiss:

Chuck and Blair are the best everything <3

Reaction to the show ending:

Sad, SO SO SO SAD. After all the ups and downs and playing with our emotions as Gossip Girl fans that the producers have put us through, this better be one hell of an ending!

And I will end with this. My all time favorite couple:

That is all. 
You all now know my obsession :).


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