October 16, 2012

no words.

Literally. No words. I've been in kind of a blogging slump lately and I can tell by the lack of interaction from my readers. I'm totally sucking right now, I know. I don't feel like I have anything of importance to write about and I don't want to just ramble - even though I do that quite often anyway - I've been so busy with work and more work photography that I find myslef just posting pictures. It's what I do best. I really hope I'm not boring you guys to death and I'm sorry I have nothing exciting for you yet again.

Until this little brain of mine comes up with something worthwhile to write about,


October 15, 2012

more pictures perhaps.

My life consists of working full-time and when I'm not at working I'm at a photo shoot or editing photos from one of my sessions or doing marketing. AND? I love it. It makes me so happy to be so busy, because being busy means people love my work. And nothing makes me happier.

Saturday Heather and I photographed a high-school reunion. It was great. Lemme just say it pretty entertaining by the end of the night!

and yesterday I went out with my brother and his girlfriend and did some what are suppose to be senior pictures of her & him individually  .. but we did a lot of couple photos as well. They turned out awesome.

Please, please, please let me know what you think! AND you can find more here. I will be adding more tonight!


How cute are they? For real.

October 12, 2012

autumn photography

I know I have stated how much I love fall many times before, but one of my favorite things about fall is photographing all the changing of the colors. The different shades of reds, orange and yellows. Yesterday we decided to go to Valley Forge Park .. if you don't know what that is, you should, it's part of history people. :)

I got some beautiful pictures .. here are some of my favorites.

And of course, what's a photo session without a picture of my dog? :)

Happy Friday everyone!

October 11, 2012

Twenty four

Some things I have realized at the age of twenty-four.

Don’t worry about what other people think of you.

I used to and still do (to a point) worry too much what others think of me, of my decisions and of my actions. Not just anybody, my family especially. Eventually, I came to realize that if you’re wasting too much time seeking validation, respect or approval from others, then you won’t have time to accomplish what it is that YOU want.
Everyone has an opinion, but in reality other’s opinions of you are based more on their history and perceptions than anything you’re actually doing. So while it’s good to ask for feedback, rely on your own assessment of you rather than others.
Today is what’s important.
This is a biggie on so many levels. Enjoy every moment of today, because you are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Don’t put off your dreams. Don’t wait to do, try, enjoy all of those “someday” items. Don’t tell yourself I’ll do it tomorrow. If it’s important to you, then do it today.
What you do today, determines what tomorrow will bring. Our future is set by what we decide and act on today.
Let it go.

What happened yesterday is over. Don’t waste your energy dwelling on anger, resentment or disappointment. It only keeps you stuck in the past and holds you back from moving forward in your life.
Also, learn to let the little things roll off your back. Insults, criticisms, setbacks — let them all go. Don’t hold on to old resentments or slights. They only weigh you down.
It’s called work for a reason.
Success at anything takes work. When you hear about an overnight success story, don’t forget about all of the work that came before. I need to tell myself this everyday as I try to make my photography business grow. It takes time to build a career or a business, a lot of prep work, and time to learn and to fail.
You may have to do work you do not enjoy and trudge through the trenches of planning, building, refining, moving up, out, over and redefining before you get to the place where success clicks. Keep going.

Believe in yourself.
You are your own worst critic, and so can you be your own best supporter. If you do not have confidence in your own value, and liabilities then other people won't. You must have faith in your intrinsic worth. We each have something to offer that is necessary and valuable, though we may not know what that something is.
Just because you don't know exactly how you might succeed, doesn't mean that you won't. And just because you may have made mistakes and have a string of failures behind you does not mean that you can’t achieve your goals in the future. You can do far more than you can imagine.

Money is not the most important thing.

Money is important. We all have bills to pay, I understand that completely. But in the end, or even in the middle, maybe especially in the middle, money is not the end goal. Satisfaction in a job well done or finding something you enjoy doing are more motivating goals and certainly lead to a happier and less stressful life.
Money is simply a currency that allows you to eat, dress and live. It does not equal happiness. What brings happiness is family, friends and doing what you love.

Don’t be afraid to do things differently.
Take a stand. Speak up. Stand out from the crowd. If something is important to you, then stand up for it…even if it is unpopular. Never compromise your integrity. One person can make a difference and shed light on injustice or unfairness. If it’s not right, say so. Not everyone is going to agree with you, and that's ok.
Don’t worry so much about conforming to society’s standards or whatever passes for the norm. I think we place too much emphasis on fitting in and being “appropriate.” This is not your grandmother’s world. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
It’s not a race.
Don't worry about tomorrow. You do not have to do it all at once. In fact, if you try to do it all at once you will, at best not have time to enjoy it and at worst burn out and damage your health and relationships. Slow down and take one thing at a time, one day at a time. 

Look for the good in everything.
Stay positive. Look for the good in people. Celebrate the happy moments, big and small.
This does not mean ignore the bad. Dishonesty, disrespect, unhappiness and evil exist and you will have to deal with them. But if you view the world around you and life’s challenges through the lens of goodness, then you will find life much more enjoyable.
Life is serious — and sometimes awful — but you can still be upbeat and hopeful. 
Otherwise, what’s the point?

October 10, 2012

It's my BIRTHDAY & this really happened!

Ok, so let me give you a little background info and hope it helps this story make more sense. There is a nursing home that just about everyone in Tyler's side of the family has or still does work at. His mom is a nurse there, I worked there as a nursing assistant, his brother worked there, our sister in law used to work there and works there again and Tyler used to and now works there again as a nurse. It's pretty much a family affair. SO, I wake up this morning to a message from my sister-in-law that goes like this:

Last night at work:

Girl: Where do I know your name from?
Heather: I don't know, I worked here awhile before ...
Girl: No, I just started in May ...  are there other Erringtons here maybe?
Heather: Yeah, my husband used to work here. But that was way before you.
Girl: What's his name?
Heather: Scott.
Girl: Scott what?
Heather: .... Errington? (DUMBASS)
Girl: Duh, right ... no, that's not it. Hmm.
Heather: Oh, my brother in law works here. Tyler. He is a nurse.
Girl: OH! That's it! He works as a pool nurse, right?
Heather: Yep.
Girl: Your brother in law is HOT, yo ....
Heather: My brother in law is TAKEN.
Girl: Like, forreal forreal taken? (WHORE. who says that?)
Heather: Like, if you try anything ... she will cut you. And you will "forreal forreal" bleed.
Girl: *stares*
Heather: That's not meant to be a threat or anything though ....
Girl: Ok, good ... I was gonna say --
Heather: It's just  fact.
Girl: ....oh

I was cracking up reading this. Great start to my morning, my birthday to be exact!

So I'm going to be off doing fun birthday things all day like getting my nails done, shopping, lunch with my friends and a whole lot of relaxing! {insert sarcasm} ..

I will actually be stuck at work the rest of the day, but I might just treat myself to a little shopping on my lunch break :)

October 8, 2012

This is becoming a photo blog

I can't tell you how much fun I had with my photo shoot this weekend! Olivia is such a cutie and 
along with her parents they've got to be of the cutest little family like, ever.

October 4, 2012


I'm going to try keep this brief. If you haven't read my story about the time I could have died yet, you might want to do that first, you can't do that here

It has been a crazy few days. Ever since I had my radio active iodine procedure done two Fridays ago I have had this feeling of my throat closing/swelling which makes it difficult to breathe on top of my asthma. Saturday I was in the ER and treated for an asthma attack. Was set up for a breathing treatment, IV steroids .. ran tests. They told me everything was fine, and that I as feeling this way because my thyroid levels were all out of whack .. they set me home with no answers. I continued to feel short of breath constantly, very anxious feeling, and the tightness in my throat was still there. 

I just dealt with it hoping it would go away. My doctor decided to try anxiety medications (hyperthyroidism can cause anxiety) .. so I was on my way from work to get gas, to pick up the medication she had called in and go home and relax .. 

Well, that didn't happen. I ran out of gas .5 miles from the gas station .. I was already short of breath and feeling like there was a tremendous amount of weight on my chest. So I'm sitting in a warm car with no air circulation and my breathing is just getting worse (I was making it worse with my anxiety on top of my asthma) .. So I ended up calling 911 .. 

I was stuck, I knew I couldn't wait for anyone to bring me gas because I felt like I couldn't breathe at all. 

The guys in the ambulance were a bunch of jerks, they weren't taking me seriously .. it was if though they thought I was bullshitting. Which was pissing me off even more, I"m sitting here, you can see I can't breathe my oxygen level is low, but not dangerously low .. your job is to help me .. not make it seem like I just "need to calm down". Is it not their job to make things better? Well they sure didn't.

I got to the hospital and they started running a bunch of test, blood work, xray, EKG, and more. Everything was coming back normal, except my thyroid levels which were all out of whack because of having this procedure done. But still, they said that I should not still be feeling this way after having the procedure done. Everything was coming back normal, my oxygen level was btwn 97-100 the whole time but I was still feeling like I was unable to breathe. It was like there was so much weight on my chest and I just couldn't catch my breath. It's a scary feeling after what I've been through to have that feeling all over again. 

So, I am now home. They gave me some anxiety medication which seems to be helping a little bit. But I'm so tired of living this way. Everyone keeps telling me I'm too young to feel this way & to have all these problems. I'm so tired of people worrying about me as if I don't worry about myself. When I worry about myself, It's because I know how I'm feeling, but when other people worry about me, it makes me realize how serious this is. I don't want to continue to feel this way. 

How can I not have this feeling of anxiety after I was so close to losing my life before? How can I not worry that it's not going to happen again, because what it happens, there is no stopping it.

Has anyone else had experience with anxiety? How did you deal with it and did it work for you?

October 1, 2012

Weekend rundown

Happy first day of October! October is my favorite month. I love the cool weather, the leaves changing colors AND my it's my birthday month. Not to mention getting to decorate for fall and halloween. I could not be more excited. This weekend I got a new lens for my camera. I got the 50 mm f/1.8 .. I am in love with this lens. It’s a great lens that allows you to get dramatically better images compared to the poor quality kit lens that comes with your camera. It also helps you to get to grips with aperture, as it goes all the way to f1.8. Cheap and effective, it comes highly recommended. Be careful though, once you see the difference in quality, it’ll just be the beginning of your lens buying habit, expanding your camera gear. It is super fast and I'm pretty sure it's going to be my new go to lens. In fact .. here are some more pictures from a boudoir photo shoot that we did this weekend. These are some of my favorites. You can see another one of my favorites here.

I love getting feedback on my work. I would love so much if you would leave your thoughts.
Which is your favorite? Would you ever do a boudoir photo shoot?