September 12, 2012

If you really knew Tyler

So I got this brilliant idea from Raven over at Don't Quote the Raven when she posted an "if you really knew my husband" post. I totally agree with her in the fact that it's funny to see what guys have to say. Mine went kind of similar to her's when she asked her husband to "play her stupid blogging game".

This is how it went down:

Me: "I want to write about you on my blog. Like a "if you really knew Tyler" .. I did one about myself now I want do one about you .."

His response definitely surprised me.

Him: "Sure."


Me: "Ok, tell me some facts people would know about you if they really knew you."

Him: "I don't want to, YOU."

WHAT!? You just told me you would do this, now your telling ME to do it.

Me: "I will, but you still have to tell me some things about you that people would want to know."

Him: "No, you do it."

Seriously, I got all excited thinking he was cooperating and willing to do this for me. Guess I was wrong. Fine, be that way, I'll just do it myself! Hmph.

He stands sideways in the shower, facing the shower curtain.

Would sleep in until 2 if you let him. And loves to take naps. He could get a full nights sleep 
and still take a nap.

Speaking of sleep, dude takes up the whole bed. He is all over the place when he sleeps. 
We are getting a bigger  bed soon. Thank God.

Loves to spoon. Even when I'm hot, he doesn't wanna get off me. I secretly love it, even though I complain he's suffocating me and complain about how hot he's making me.

Guinness and Jameson are his go to drinks of choice.

He had long shaggy hair when I met him .. Then we had the brilliant idea to cut it. He looks great with both long and short hair, but I think it's time for him to grow it out again ;)

He's got 2 tattoos and I know he wants more.

Sometimes he is a complete dick from the time he wakes up til the time he goes to bed. Other times, he can be just about the nicest guy you've ever met.

He has a very dry sense of humor.

Some of his favorite shows: Tosh.O, Futurama, Family Guy, ESPN and all sports.

He will however watch shows like Teen MomGossip Girl, and Jersey Shore with with me, but he will complain and make me scratch him the whole time while in his words 
"we watch your dumb show AGAIN"

No matter how good life is going, there is always something he has stuck in the back of his head that he'll think about that manages to bring him down a little.

His favorite band is the Foo Fighters.

He is famous for the line "5 more minutes" when trying to get him up in the mornings, off his computer games or out the door.

He loves his video games and nerdy computer games. And he likes to talk to me about them like I have any idea what he is talking about. azeroth, horde, rogue .. say what?!

He has a big heart and would do anything for anyone to make them happy.


  1. Found your blog through the blog hop! So cute!

    When you said "Some of his favorite shows: Tosh.O, Futurama, Family Guy, ESPN and all sports. He will however watch shows like Teen Mom, Gossip Girl, and Jersey Shore with with me, but he will complain and make me scratch him the whole time while in his words 'we watch your dumb show AGAIN' "
    .... that made me LOL!! My boyfriend likes the same shows and makes me scratch him too! Or rub his head! Lol what is it with guys and wanting to be scratched?! Haha... glad to know we're in the same boat! :)


    1. I know! What is it what them? Haha. I don't make him scratch me when we watch his dumb shows.