September 11, 2012

A day unlike any other

11 years ago today, we were brutally attacked.
11 years ago today, our country changed.

11 years ago today, we will always remember.

Today marks the 11th anniversary of September 11th. A day we all know changed our lives forever.

I remember where I was. I was 12 years old, in the 7th grade. My brother and I were being home schooled due to all the traveling we did with my dads job. I was at home, at my grandparents, we were living with them at the time. 

My grandparents sat at the breakfast table.  Even though they were both retired they still got up at 5 AM every morning to read the Bible and enjoy a pot of coffee together. Then my grandfather would head off to do his daily grocery shopping trips. Talk about extreme couponing, this man has it down. We were just about to start our school work for the day. Well, that was the plan until we saw the horrible news on the TV that morning. 

The first plane had already hit the first tower and was up in flames. Within seconds of turning on the TV, live footage of a second plane hitting the second building flashed across the screen. The news room was the most chaotic I had ever seen. No one knew what to say or do. This wasn't an accident. We were under attack. I was glued to the TV.  I didn't understand how this could be happening. At 12 years old I thought terriost attacks didn't happen here. Those type of horrible things only happened in places so foreign to me, not a place that I have so much attachment to, not a place I call home. Not long after another plane hits the Pentagon. Then another plane crashed into a field not far from our home in Pennsylvania.

It was everything I imagined chaos would look like and then some. People in suits covered in debris dust.  People screaming, crying, heroes in uniform running into the unknown. Those images will live with me forever. The towers, crumbling to pieces. A giant pile of rubble, where a symbol of American spirit once stood.

At just 12 years old I just didn't understand the depth and magnitude of what was happening. But in the days to come I saw how much this would changed our country. I remember being able to wait at a gate to pick someone up at the airport. When security screenings weren't a big deal and when our country was not at war.

11 years later we are still fighting a war and we still can't feel safe when we fly.

I was lucky. I didn't know anyone personally that perished that day. I mourned for those who did. 

Today we remember, a day we'll never forget.



  1. Touching! beautiful.
    I never knew we are the same age..I was in 7th grade too!!

    1. I guess we are! I didn't know that either. I'll be 24 next month.