August 27, 2012

Weekend Rundown

This weekend has been a good, but kinda crazy couple of days.
My weekend in pictures.

Warning: Picture Overload!

I upgraded my camera from the Canon Rebel XSi to my new wonderful Canon 7D. I love love love it!
Thanks to my love for pushing me to get it even though we could have used that money on something for the both of us. He knew how happy it would make me. He can be such a sweetheart.

Saturday afternoon we took our dog for a long walk at a hiking trail near our house. We had never been before & we were excited to find out it lead to water. Locke, our dog was especially excited.

My sexy man. I had to show him off ;)

Up until Saturday, this dog had be terrified of water. We have tried all summer to get him to swim. No luck. I don't know what changed his mind but he went right in and loved it.
It was so funny to see him swim in circles.

Saturday night we relaxed with a glass of wine that we got from a local winery by our house.

and the dog decided he would finish off our empty bottle of wine. Trying to lick every drop off the top.
Look how protective he was being of it. Damn alcoholic dog.

Oh yes, what a great weekend, right? I did mention that it got a little crazy. Last night, Sunday .. we had our central air running and noticed it was getting a little warm. Turned the air from 72 to 70 .. which we never have to do because keeping it at 72 keeps our house nice and cool no problem, until last night. About an hour later we realize its effing hot in here .. to the point where I'm about to start having an anxiety attack because I hate the hot muggy air, it makes me feel like I can't breathe on top of the fact that I already can't breathe with all the damn dog hair floating around our floor because this dog sheds like a motherfucker. But there is still cool air coming from our vents. So we are kinda confused at this point. I went down to the basement to grab my PJ's out of the dryer and there is water leaking about 4 feet out from our heating and cooling system that is in the middle of our basement. WTF!? The tube/pipe thing leading from our HVAC untit outside into our basement cooling system thingy has water condensation all over it and is frozen about a foot out from the system that is in the middle of our basement. GREAT. We go upstairs and realize it now 77 degrees in our house and our air is set at 70. Again .. WTF!? Being new home owners we have no idea what is causing this and we are freaking out that we most likely are going to need a new HVAC system. OH YEAH! I forgot to mention the fact that when we bought this house the home inspection dude said the HVAC stystem looked a little shotty to ask the sellers to replace it, sellers had HVAC company come out and look at it and told us that it was in good working condition. Right ...

So, we call my boyfriends dad and ask his opinion. He said this happened to one of his friends and that they had to have the entire system replaced. Awesome. Fears confirmed.

This all happened between 8-10 last night so we haven't been able to have anyone come out and look at it. We shut our air off last night and slept with fans, God help me, I just about died. I was having an anxitey attack by the time we went to bed. Between the fact that it was hot (we generally sleep with our central air AND ceiling fan on) I couldn't breathe, I felt sick to my stomach and it probably wasn't helping that I was freaking out thinking about the thousands of dollars we may have to pay to get this shit replaced.

To say the least, I had a shitty night.
And now our poor dog is at home in our warm house .. we have every possible fan going and he has access to water. He'll be okay, people live without AC and their dogs are fine. Right?
Tell me I'm right to help me get through this day without freaking out even more than I already am.

Happy fucking Monday.


  1. Oh my heck! I would die without AC! Especially in the summer! That is horrible! Good luck I hope they fix it ASAP!!! Found your blog from the blog hop! (Your dogs eyes are awesome by the way!!)

  2. Haha! Happy (fucking <----That made me your follower) Wednesday!

    I found you on bloghop. Is your dog a Border Collie? He/She kinda looks like Molly(the one I'm taking care of) They are a handful and a half. Anyways, glad I stumbled on your blog!

    Steph @

    1. Haha! I tend to do that a lot. Our dog is an Australian Shepherd. We get Border Collie a lot, they look pretty similar. He is a handful for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. great pictures!