August 20, 2012

Weekend Rundown; A doggie kinda weekend.

We didn't have much going on this weekend. Friday night we stayed in, we were going to go out at midnight and buy the Hunger Games movie, but I'm a total loser and passed out at about 10:30. Pathetic, right? Saturday we went and visited with Tyler's parents and their rottie that they have to put down tonight :(

This is Frank

Tyler & Frank

He is unable to put any weight on is back right leg. Has had his hip replaced and weighs 160 lbs and is hardly able to walk on his 3 good legs. He's such a sweetheart.

Saturday night we watched the Hunger Games .. for the 3rd time since it came out in theaters. Obsessed.

Sunday we did a lot of lounging around (as we did all weekend) and then we took our dog for a long walk.
We live about a mile and a half from downtown Phoenixville and thought we'd take him down there to walk. Let me tell you that 1.5 miles should have taken us maybe 10 minutes to walk, took us 20-25 minutes with this dog. He had so stop at everything, say hi to everyone we walked past, smell every bush, every light post AND he decided he was going to take a shit right on top of this company's pretty flower bush .. of all places.

Only this dog.

We all got ice cream, even Locke. Such a spoiled dog.

Check out that tongue. =P

Daddy's big baby.

That about sums up our weekend. As always it went way to fast and now here we are again .. Monday.
Such a love hate relationship .. mostly hate.


  1. Your Friday night sounded like mine. Haha. Love the doggy pics!

  2. I am so sorry about their Rot tie...he looks like such a sweetie. hope they are all doing okay!