August 21, 2012

Wearing jeans that are too tight ...


while getting dressed:

I wonder if I can squeeze my ass into these ...
Ok, buttoning them was not easy, but they're on & I can still breathe, kinda.
Now, to find over sized shirt to distract from now having muffin top.
If I stand up straight and suck it in I can totally pull this off ..
.. and they should stretch throughout the day, so it's all good.

driving to work:

Damn, these are tight.
seriously, this is not right ..
these are cutting my circulation off ...
... unbutton top button.

at work:

forgot top button was undone ...
good thing I'm wearing said over sized shirt to hide the evidence.
I should really eat less.
these jeans make me wish I had sweatpants on right now.

at home:

fat pants on
jeans on the floor after peeling them off.
ahhhh ... so much better.

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