August 23, 2012

So far this week ..

So far, this week has been so shitty. Shitty doesn't even begin to describe how bad this week has been.

Let me explain ..

Monday morning Ty goes to leave for work at aprox 6:45 am & his car doesn't start.
So we are down to one car ( my new car ) to get us both to and from work, no problem .. I go and drop him off at work and leave work a little early to pick him up. Sucks, but we can deal.
Monday night we figure out that it seems to be his car battery, and we try jumping it .. no luck.

Great, his car battery takes a shit.

Tuesday I take him to work, go home finish getting ready and head to work .. on my way to work I get into an accident, I'm talking a four car, airbags deployed SO sore kinda accident. Talk about timing. We are already down one car because of what we think is his car battery and now my car is undrivable from this accident. Let me try and explain how this happened ..

I was 5 minutes from my job driving down a regularly traveled road. Steady work flow traffic, nothing heavy .. normal, just like every other day. The cars in front of me for whatever reason came to a sudden stop and I slammed into the car in front of me, who then hit the car in front of him and within a half a second I got rear ended. I don't know what caused the people in front of me to completely stop (probably some jackass who wasn't paying attention a few cars up who cause everyone else behind him to have to slam on their breaks) but there was no preventing it at this point. One minute there was 2 car lengths between myself and the car in front of me and the next I have no time to stop and I watch it all play out in slow motion knowing that I'm going to hit this car and there is no stopping it. I couldn't pull to the right because there was a curb and a hill that goes into the shopping center and to the left was oncoming traffic in the opposite direction.

I don't know if any of you have ever been in an accident where the airbags deployed (I hope not) because that was probably just as scary as knowing I was going to hit the car in front of me and not being able to stop it. I got burns on my arms .. my chest is so sore from the airbags and the seat belt and that smoke/powder stuff that comes out with the airbags was terrible. Burned my eyes to the point where they started watering, and was hacking up a lung because I inhaled the smoke.

Everyone that was involved in the accident was ok. My car is pretty messed up (my nice new (to me) car that I just got 2 months ago). But I'm ok, just very very sore. I feel like I got hit by a mack truck. I guess getting hit from in the front and the back will do that to you ...

.. that sounded incredibly dirty ..

I now have a have a rental car which is hideous.
But I am thankful for it because otherwise we would be without a car at all.

Sorry that was such a long post, and if you managed to get through all my rambling,
thanks for sticking with me!

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