August 1, 2012

So far this week.

I had intended to write a post this weekend, but my weekend was disastrous. I can't even get into it. On the plus side, I have been trying to be more organized. I made a "family binder" with all of our important information and weekly calendars for appointments, reminders and meal schedules. So far, so good. I sat down Sunday morning before going grocery shopping and wrote out what we were going to have for dinner each night this week. I then looked up what ingredients I was going to need and made my shopping list. It has made things super easy this week not having to run to the store to pick up an ingredient that we don't have for the dinner I want to make. I go home, get everything out and start cooking. And the best part, is that we are really sticking to it. A lot of the time we would come home from work, and not know what to make for dinner, not be able to agree on what to eat for dinner and end up ordering or going out. Not good. This has been working for us and I am enjoying trying to recipes each day. Sunday night I made Chicken and rice with Spanish bean sauce. My grandmother made the best rice and beans, she taught my dad, and he taught me. Monday, I made Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe that I found on pinterest here. It turned out good, it was a little bland, if I made it again I would probably add something to it. I'm not quite sure what, I can't put my finger on what it was that was missing. But it was still a hit and me and the boyfriend both enjoyed it. Last night I made stuffed shells with garlic bread and salad. It was wonderful. I got my recipe from of course, pinterest here. Next time I made it I will use my mother-in-law's recipe for sauce instead of the one with this recipe. It wasn't bad, we are just so use to her wonderful sauce that this just didn't hit the spot. But still, a great recipe. And for the salad, all we use is red leaf lettuce, onions and for the dressing balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I hardly eat salad any other way now.

On Monday night I got my hair done. I was going for the look that Kourtney Kardashian has. Of course she probably paid A LOT more money than I did which is why hers looks perfect. But I think my hair dresser got as close as we were gonna get to this look without paying a ton of money. I'm pleased with it.

And last night my dog decided he was going to do this.

He drank all the water in is bowl, and flipped it over and was running around the house pushing it with his nose. He pushed it out into the living room (sliding all around our hardwood floors) where we were. So we thought he was trying to tell us he wanted more water. Nope, not the case .. we fill it back up with water and that is what is does. He didn't want water, clearly he wanted the water out of the bowl, he just wanted to play.

You might have noticed the change in my blog design. I am still in the middle of changing this, I'm not totally please with it yet. I get bored very easily and will probably contiune to change it until I find something I am 100% happy with. I am determined to do it all myself, so that is why it is taking me so long! So stick with me, it might get a little messy in the mean time!

Happy half way to Friday!

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