August 16, 2012

Instagram Dump & What I'm Listening To

1. Tyler, his brother Scott & their friend at the bar Saturday night // 2. Chocolate cake from P.F. Changs that Tyler brought home for me amazing // 3. Me and my coffee, the only reason why I was able to make it through this week .. coffee // 4. Heather (my sister-in-law) and myself on Saturday night  // 5. So inappropriate but .. The conversation between my brother & our mom on Facebook the night of the Olympic closing ceremonies when the Spice Girls performed (which was totally // excited for .. you know I was singing along while Tyler made fun of me ) // 6. New shoes I just went and got on my lunch break from Old Navy. I have an addiction // 7. Bow earrings I also just got. I love bows!  

What I'm listening to right now, on repeat.


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