August 14, 2012

50 kinds of Facebook users

I have some Facebook pet peeves.
Everyone is always complaining about the annoying things people do/say on facebook.
Here's my list.

1. The one who updates their status every two hours letting you in on every little thing they are doing. example: "homework, bed, school in the morning!" - WHO CARES. 
2. The one that adds everyone, so they look cool with their 1,000+ friends. I judge you.
3. The best friends that write on each other’s walls multiple times per day.
4. The grandma that comments on all of your status' and pictures with irrelevant comments.
5. The one that pokes everyone.
6. The one that changes their profile picture every week.
7. The one that puts pictures of themselves up and captions them with "I'm so ugly" or "I wish I was pretty" - Bitch, please. If you thought you were ugly you wouldn't be posting pictures of yourself non-stop.
8. The one that writes, “Happy birthday!” on eight people’s walls every day.
9. The one that always has depressing song lyrics as their status.
10. The one with the vague status updates that respond with more vague statements when people ask what’s wrong.
11. The married couple that shares a Facebook with a joint name, “Rita N Judd Johnson”.
12. The one that uses Facebook as their personal diary & complains every chance the get.
13. The one that invites you to every event ever created in the history of creating events.
14. The one that freaks out anytime someone de-friends them.
15. The one who constantly deletes old comments/wall posts and makes you look like an idiot that talks to yourself.
16. The one that added you with 56 mutual friends, but you still don’t know.
17.  The mom that friends her friends. And her friend’s kids. And her kids. And her kid’s friends. And her husband’s second cousins.
18. The one who tries to add you and you have 0 mutual friends. How did you even find me ..
19. The one that has some non-human object as their profile picture.
20. The chronic liker.
21. The chronic liker that likes your status two seconds after you post it. Every time. Without fail.
22. The chronic sharer. Shares every single one of your photos 2 seconds after posting them.
23. The one that is a fan of every page in the whole Facebook universe.
24. The one that complains every time Facebook changes their layout.
25. The couple that switches between “single” and “in a relationship with” on a biweekly basis.
26. The one that always manages to use the incorrect there/their/they’re.
27. The one that still plays Farmville.
28. The one that has an album labeled "ME" with the sole purpose of holding pictures of themselves. Most of the time these pictures are taken in their dirty bathroom and or while driving.
29. The one that is always counting down to something.
30. The one who liked something on your Facebook from 4 years ago. Stalker?
31. The ten-year-old that lied about their age to make an account.
32. The one who steals witty statuses from Pinterest. You're not fooling anyone.
33. The one that takes a picture of themselves,
puts an inspirational quote as the caption, and gets 42 likes.
Uh, what? I can't even.
34. The one whose status is always about the weather.
35. The one who likes their own status.
36. The one that won't switch to Timeline and make my life easier.
 37. The one that knows everything about Timeline and sorta freaks me out."Click here, here, and here, and you can read on these people's whole online relationship since 2007!!! It's great!!"
38. The best friends that are 'in a relationship' with or 'married' to each other.
39. The one that #hashtags everything. #facebookisnttwitter
40. The one that posts videos of themselves singing Adele songs that are painful to listen to.You only sound that good in your head and to your dog.
41. The one that added you after the first time you met and you have no idea who they are.
42. The one that you deleted you because you got into a fight and then decides they want to re-friend you a month later.
43. The one who makes me want to comment on their posts just to correct their grammer because they spell everything wrong.
44. The ones that do to be honest, like my status and I'll rate you nonsense. I don't even know what it's called. It's ridiculousness.
45. The one who posts a status that they are going to delete their facebook every few months and tells people to comment on said status if they care about keeping in touch. But then they never actually delete their facebooks. Attention seeking whores.
46. The one who uses way too many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
47. The one who doesn't know how to apply mascara, yet is convinced people need to see her artistic self portraits of her eye anyway.
48. The one with 3,821 different profile pictures.....and half of those pictures is the same one that they just kept reusing.
49. The bestiezz fo' life with 825 mutual friends. How on earth do you both know that many people??!!!
50. The one with the dirty toilet in the background of their profile picture. Claaaaaassy.

Please understand that I don't consider myself above the Facebook community in any way. I just simply like to make fun of myself and also others for taking this whole online presence thing waaay too seriously.

Also, sometimes I am a judgmental person inside of my head. Mostly I just judge my Facebook friends.

Which ones do you do? Which ones do you hate that you do, but you do them anyways? I may or may not fall into several of these categories myself. These are not proud moments.


  1. Lol I love your new blog name! And jeez thanks for making fun of me, I have an album called "me!" lol with all of my pictures. But it only has 110 pictures and that's from 2006-present so it's not much! Lol

    1. Thanks! And hey, I am also making fun of myself here. I don't have an album called "me!" on Facebook but I did on good ol' MySpace. So I'm not saying I don't fall under some of these catagories as well. LOL

  2. I actually don't know where to start. I am the one who just self analysed my Fbook behaviour and came out pretty well! I agree with these and laughed so hard at 'the one that likes their own status' that my boyf asked what was going on!

    50 things!

    A new GFC follower.

    1. Thanks for following! We all do these things at one time or another. We all know someone who likes their own status updates. Ha!

  3. Hey girl! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I'm one of the co-hosts! Thanks for linking up!

    I hope you're having an awesome day! :)


  4. Love this! Some people are crazy!!

    1. They sure are. Some of the things you see on facebook .. I'm like .. did you REALLY just post that?!

  5. hahaha i love this! i'm pretty much over facebook at this point :) blogging > facebook
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

    1. yes! I totally spend all my time on my blog (maybe too much time sometimes)! Thanks for following. I checked out your blog and I'm now following you as well!

      have a great day! :)

  6. I've read something similar before, but this was so funny!

  7. Thats a good list. I am actually hosting a facebook hop now if you'd like to link up.

    Newest GFC follower from the hop. Love for you to return the follow when you can.

  8. Haha funny an so true! Hi! Stopping by from the GFC blog hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

  9. Thanks! @Naptime Review I linked up my Twitter with your Hop! Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments :)