August 7, 2012

Brownies for breakfast?

Is that okay? To eat brownies for breakfast? I vote YES :) especially on a day like today, where I have a ton of work to be done (because people at my job like to "ask for help" AKA "here you do all the work and I'll sit on my butt all day") and instead of doing all this work I am talking about, here I am .. on my blog. Figures.

Listen, I'm just trying to make myself feel better as I sit here shoving brownies in my face.

Now that you all know that little secret .. here's another. I let my dog eat startbursts.

Ok, well I don't let him. But how can I say no while we are sitting on the floor eating us some starbursts and he comes up and takes the yellow one right out of my lap. Which is totally okay with my by the way, I don't like the yellow ones. Anyways, he will only eat the yellow ones. At first we just thought it was an easy grab for him and that's why he took that one. But then again, he took another yellow one. Hey, dogs have eaten worse things than starbursts, right? Plus he's giving us that look like "please mommy, the yellow ones are so yummy, just let me have this one!"

Oh yeah, have I told you all how excited I am for fall. I cannot wait to go shopping for some fall clothes <3

What's your fall style look like? Leave me some inspiration in the comments secion for my fall shopping spree!

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