August 16, 2012

Always. Sometimes. Never.

Hey guys! Today I am linking up with Brie, Taylor & Ellen for their Always. Sometimes. Never link-up. This is the 1st time I'm joining in on the fun & I'm looking forward to it! So, here goes!


Always: I'm always amazed at how blessed I am to have this guy in my life. He's a keeper.  AND I’m always amazed that he has stuck with me for his long. I can be a handful.
Sometimes: I should sometimes do a better job at telling him how much a love and appreciate him
Never: I’ll never get sick of him, even on the days he drives me insane. which is a lot of the time ;)


Always: I always find an excuse to buy new clothes.
Sometimes: Sometimes, most of the time I buy clothes I don't even need.
This can be a problem.
Never: Never and clothes. Those two words just don't mix.


Always: I always enjoy reading comments from you guys. It makes me happy! 
Sometimes: Sometimes, I do a little happy dance (in my head of course) when I get a new follower. Again, this shit makes very me happy.
Never: Never will stop being real on my blog. I will never pretend to have the perfect life, perfect boyfriend (cause lets be real, he does a lot of shit that drives me insane), or the perfect relationship (cause we fight over dumb shit, all the time) or perfect kids when the time comes. Because again, lets get real. I'm sure my kids are gonna be little terrors. Paybacks a bitch, right? Or that's what my mom always tells me anyway :P

That being said, all you bloggers with your perfect lives, perfect relationships, perfect hair, perfect outfit everyday, perfect house, & perfect kids. I'm on to you. That cannot be real life.

I will probably never stop reading said blogs.
(But I much prefer you bloggers who keep it real.)


  1. Being real on your blog is what gets you more followers.

    1. I like to hope so! But some of these blogger with the perfect everything have TONS of followers as well. Maybe their lives really are just THAT perfect & I'm just jealous ;P

  2. hi there! newest follower to your blog! thanks so much for linking up! never stop being real and never stop being you :) cant wait to read more!

    1. Thanks so much for hosting the link-up! I really enjoyed it and will continue to link up with you guys! AND I'll go follow your blog right now :)