July 12, 2012


I am so excited that we are planning a family vacation to the outer banks for July of 2013 with my in-laws, okay, maybe more like his entire family! A total of 24 people I think? We 1st went to the OBX June of 2010, it was a blast. So, of course we are planning another trip! We go with my in-laws, all the aunts and uncles and cousins. We get LOTS and LOTS of food and alcohol. It is like one big party. It was such a great vacation two years ago, I can't wait to go again. My in-laws are seriously some of the greatest people ever, the best. I thought I would share some pictures from our trip two years ago. Something to look back on to get me extra pumped for next year! Warning! Photo overload!

Our view from the house, how amazing is that? We all enjoyed our outside bar verrryy much.
View from the house.
Tyler and I. 2010.
The girls were "surfing".
The blow up boat was pretty fun!
We played lots of volley ball.
From about 3PM until wayy after it got dark out!
Tyler and his step-mom Paula.
Ainsley. The cutest little girl ever. She thought Tyler was her boyfriend all week long. She called him Price Tyler & I was the Princess. How cute!
Typical guys!
Family <3
All the women in the family.
Me and Tyler's cousins.
She's the best!
This one is from when we went to the sand dunes. It was so windy. Excuse the fly away hair!
They are inpiration for what I want mine and Tyler's marraige to be like. =)
Such a ham!

This was the sunset at the dunes. So beautiful!

 Hope you enjoyed the picture overload. I have a feeling that many of my posts will include lots and lots of pictures!

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