July 17, 2012

House Tour *our office*

Our office is slowly coming together. Right now, Ty and I are sharing this little space but once we finish our basement and it becomes his "man cave" this space becomes all mine. I only have a picture of my side of the office because, well, his side is boring and there is nothing too exciting to show, as of now anyways. Last night I re arranged the office desks and hung these four frames with quotes. I love them. I'm hoping the color scheme for this space to be cool blue/grey/white. I already found curtains that I want to hang, here. Along with buying them I am going to frame some of my photography work and frame it above the couch that is oposite side of my desk you see pictured. As we get this room completed (we are in no rush) I will keep posting!

I know the sayings are kind of hard to see from so far away. I will update later with better pictures!

Stay tuned!