July 26, 2012

Help! My cupcakes have fallen (Part 2) ...

If you haven't read part one, you can do that now here: Help! My cupcakes have fallen (Part 1) ...

These are the pictures from the first night (part 1):

Our yummy cake batter that we thought was going to make the best cupcakes, ever.

When all else fails, wing it .. which is what we are doing in the above picture.

The trashcan was full of failure by the end of the night!

We ended up with these twelve yummy cupcakes.

 And these are for our cake pops.

Okay, so we have now ended up with 12 okay decent tasting cupcakes. The only part left we have to do was decorate & assemble our bouquet. Great! This is the fun part. So we whip up the icing. Everything is going great. Heather was making pretty roses and I was making the hydrangeas.

 This was my first time ever piping cupcakes to look like flowers. I think I did a pretty good job :)

So in the above picture is our "snowball" in which we were going to arrange our bouquet of flower cupcakes on. The lady in the video we watched on how to learn how to do this made it look so simple. False advertising lady, false advertising. It is not simple. The cupcakes were too fluffy and crumbled easily and the icing was heavy because, I mean, look at our flowers. We got half the bouquet together and then they started cracking. So do be safe we thought we might as well save all the work we had done and not risk the bouquet falling apart and just put them on a plate and arranged them pretty.

So in the end, we ended up with 11 pretty flower cupcakes. They were not in a pretty bouquet like we had planned. But the birthday girl was drunk by the time we got them to her so I don't think she really cared how they were arranged! :)

So to place an order for your cupcake bouquets contact me via e-mail. As you can see we make wonderful arrangements and our bouquets turn out beautifully! HA! SARCASM. I am NEVER doing this EVER again.

Happy Friday Eve! Yes I did just make that up. What can I say, I am very excited for the weekend to get here!

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