July 25, 2012

Help! My cupcakes have fallen (Part 1) & So What Wednesday ...

Last night me and my sister-in-law (Heather) got together to make cupcakes for our cupcake bouquet that we were going to put together for our mother-in-law's birthday. We wanted to bake a the cupcakes from scratch, we didn't wanna use a box cupcake mix, pshh, we can do better! Heather is great with baking cakes, cupcakes, all that yummy stuff .. even knows how to do pretty roses that we were planning on doing on these cupcakes .. so we thought no problem, we got this ... WRONG! We followed the directions and did exactly what they said, step by step. The batter tasted delicious. Half way though baking we were to rotate the cupcakes in the oven for even baking (per the directions) as soon as we opened the oven door and didn't even pull the cupcakes half way out to rotate .. the centers of each and every cupcake caved in! We let them continue to bake in hopes that the would rise again. But they didn't. Not only did they not rise but they were still gooey on the inside .. there was nothing we could do to save our cupcakes. How depressing! ... now what?

We had already spend 2 hours preparing and baking these cupcakes and we didn't want to try and re-make them because they obviously didn't turn out the first time, why try again. We toss the cupcakes and hide our evidence (why? you are probably wondering .. you don't know our husbands/boyfriends). We start thinking .. and thinking .. and then Heather pulls out a box of white cake mix (box cake mix, yes, but what other option did we have at this point .. we had already failed at our first attempt) .. but it was white cake .. we needed it to be chocolate. So we pull out our phones and start googling away on how to turn white cake mix to chocolate. You would be surprised at some of the things we found online .. such as, "yes, it is possible to turn white cake to chocolate cake all you need to do is add chocolate" .... no shit sherlock! We knew you can't just add chocolate and be done .. there were lots of ingredients that needed to be added as well .. we couldn't find more than one website that gave us the same answer, so we started winging it .. we are bakers after all, right? We got this. No, Ashley .. you don't "got this" .. remember, that's what you guys said last time and you see how that turned out! So we start testing our originally white, now chocolate cake mix .. taste okay .. so we bake one cupcake at a time to make sure it doesn't cave on us again ( because then we would be total failures ) .. and to make sure it tasted good.

NO ONE could know we used a box! Meanwhile the boys are in the living room playing their stupid fighting games .. totally oblivious that it has now taken us close to 3 hours to bake 24 cupcakes .. We could not let them know that our cupcakes failed us .. we would have been made fun of forever. All we would hear is that they could kill their stupid dragon on their game (which by the way took them the same amount of time to do as it did for us to bake cupcakes, fail, come up with our own recipe, test it out a bunch of times, and then finally get it right, close to 4 hours total .. so really boys, you can't be that good :P ) but we couldn't even manage to bake some damn cupcakes! Oh, we would never hear the end of it.

Back to our cupcakes! We baked one cupcake at a time .. the first time, the cupcake cave in! YAY! It was light and fluffy and looked like a yummy chocolate cupcake .. and tasted like ass nothing. No taste to it at all. Back to the drawing board .. we start throwing in some more ingratiates to make it more chocolaty .. we added crushed chocolate chips! DUH! And mayonnaise (who knew!? I didn't ..) We baked another single cupcake and ta-da! We got ourselves what we call angel food chocolate chunk cupcakes (from scratch of course)! See, I told you we got this. So we fill our cupcake liners up .. 24 total .. put em' in the oven and bake for the same amount of time that we were baking our "test cupcakes" for. ... 18 minutes later ... As we pull the cupcakes out of the oven we smell a slight burnt smell. But, our cupcakes look good so what is that burning? Heather says "the bottoms!" .. yes, the bottoms, the bottoms of about half of our cupcakes are burnt black .. OH WELL! All that matters is that we have atleast 12 for our bouquet! The boys don't really need the other 12 that we promised them anyway, right? So in the end we ended up with 12 nothing special, but yummy tasting cupcakes .. and the other 12 that were burnt .. well, we cut the bottoms off  and are using the tops to make cake pops! DUH! that was our plan all along ;)

Part two coming soon .. (with pictures)

This little guy hung out with mommy and Aunt Ashley in the kitchen & kept us smiling even through the cupcake disaster!

This week I'm saying SO WHAT:
- If it took us a total of 4 hours to bake 12 cupcakes.
- That we are the only ones (plus my readers) who know that we ended up using a box cake mix.
- That I dress like it is fall everyday because my office is freezing.
- If because of that people look at me strage when it's close to 100 degrees out when I leave the office.


  1. wait... what's a cupcake bouquet?!? I feel like this is something I TOTALLY Should be down with... fill me in :)
    I am in my office shivering right now too! Would it be weird if I wrapped up in a blanket?

    1. If I wasn't sitting at the front desk and was the first person everyone saw, I would totally be wrapped up in a blanket. The people in the back of our office use blankets all the time. So no, not weird at all. And follow this link to my "friday favorites" post and there is a picture of a cupcake bouquet. We are doing flowers instead of regular icing like in this picture!


  2. What a trooper... absolutely adorable.

    New follower here:

  3. This would totally happen to me too! Folling from So what !


  4. LOL too funny. I am glad I found this blog because its great and hilarious :)