July 27, 2012

He gets me. I get him.

I wasn't planning on writing this today. But I have wedding on the brain. All I think about lately is how much I can't wait to marry him and be together forever. And I felt like it was appropriate seeing as though we just passed out 5 year anniversary (June 26th) I know I'm terrible for not blogging about it then .. better late then never.
No one gets me the way Tyler does.
No one will ever understand Tyler, the way I do.
It's hard to explain....
but we get one another.

We both have many imperfections...
We both say things we don't mean.
We both bitch just to bitch.
And we both get frustrated about the bitching.

At the same time...
We'd do anything for one another.
We're very sensitive.
We aren't afraid to shed some tears.
We love hard.
We know were meant for one another.
We know we work, because of who we are ... together.
I don't think that any relationship would ever work with me... had it been anyone else.
No one could ever understand why I do what I do or why I am the way I am, except for Tyler.
And the same goes for him.
I don't think that anyone else could make things work with him.
Or put up with him the way I do.
That goes both ways.
We are perfect for one another.
As much as I hate to admit it at times.
As much as he frustrates me at times.

There is no one else that I could imagine growing old with.
No one else I could imagine being the father of my children.
The grandfather of our grandchildren.
Rocking on our rocking chairs.
And flipping him over a time or two.
And that's why...
We are perfect for one another.

I couldn't imagine growing old with anyone else.
(although at times I just want to strangle him!)

At the end of the day...
I love him.
He loves me.

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