May 25, 2012

Our Love Nest

We just bought our first house together in mid April. And we are SO excited about it. We are SLOWLY making progress on decorating. I [ Ashley ] want to do anything and everything that pops into mind and Tyler on the other hand is more realistic and pulls me back into reality. Sigh. I tend  to try and take on more than I can handle. I have all these great crafty ideas, but once I get started I get sick of it about half way through and just want to be done with it already! Anyways here are some pictures from what we have gotten done so far. Even though there is still lots to be done, I have to say I am very proud of what we have accomplished so far!  Pictured left is our living room. I love this room because we picked everything out in it together. Pretty much everything is brand new and we had so much fun shopping for it all! This coffee table is one of my favorite pieces we purchased. We knew exactly what look we were going for and shopped around for about 2 months before finally finding this one. I am so glad we didn't settle for the other ones we came across because this is exactly what we had pictured. AND we got it for a deal at Crate and Barrel. ( Regularly $600 and we got it for $300 all because one of the springs was preventing the top from shutting all the way! ) Good thing Tyler is so handy. He fixed it and now you can't even tell! As you can see our TV is mounted on the wall. Tyler made sure that was one of the first things that we got done in the living room. Typical man! But, he did a  good job with it and it does look really nice! We just have to hide the wires behind the wall still. Like I said this is a work in progress! Our walls are still pretty bare except for the nice mirror we just got last week. I can't wait to hang pictures. I'm very picky with what gets hung on the wall though. It all has to go together well so that will be interesting when it comes to it. Even with my own photography ( which is what we plan on hanging ) I amso critical of my own work where as Tyler says it all looks good and he would be happy with anything on the walls. That is the problem. As we continue decorating I will keep those of you who are reading up to date! Below are some pictures of the kitchen. I love how big and spacious it is but there is so much I would love to change about it. We would love to get new cabinets and granite countertops but that vision is just un realisitc at this point in time. Maybe one day. So, my latest idea was to paint our current cabinets white because I really don't like the color of them currently. But, this is another one of my crazy ideas that sounds wonderful but once we are midway though I'm not going to want to finish. We are still debating this one. We will see .. besides that I would love to put an island with some barstools in the middle of the big open space. As big as the kitchen is there just isn't that much prep space. Theres not much room to have a lot going on with all the stuff we already have sitting out.

This wall in our kitchen is so bare I can't even stand it! I am currently looking for a bakers rack to put on this wall but all the ones I've found so far that I love are out of the budget (for now). So it may just have to wait a little bit. Besides that I need some serious wall art for this kitchen. I don't really know what exactly I want to put up there yet but I'm sure I'll know what it is when I see it. Our kitchen table is really small but it's just us two right now and it works just fine. Those are the sliding glass doors to our back deck and yard. Our yard isn't anything grand but it is enough for us. Plus, less yard = less mowing for Tyler! I know he appreciates that! This weekend I will probably get around to planting some flowers and laying new mulch. Onces that is done I'm sure I will have pictures to share. And finally our one only picture of the bedroom because we don't have our furnature yet .. but I am very proud of this room seeing as it took us about 4 weeks to get it painted. ( I know, I know, we are procrastinators ). I am so glad to finally be living on the 2nd floor of our house! We had been sleeping with our mattress on the living room floor for the first month of being in the house was getting old. I am so happy with the way the house is turning out and I can't wait to contiune to personalize it with more things each day :)

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